Art Pop Variety Pack (Includes 4 of any 3 flavors)

Art Pop Variety Pack (Includes 4 of any 3 flavors)


Pack of 12 Bags

Includes 4 of any 3 Flavors

1.7 oz


Meyer Lemon & Herbs de Provence

Organic Yellow Popcorn, Organic Meyer Lemon Oil, Sea Salt, Organic Thyme, Organic Oregano, Organic Rosemary, Organic Parsley


Ancho Chile & Garlic

Organic Yellow Popcorn, Organic Garlic Powder, Organic Paprika, Sea Salt, Organic Chipotle Powder, Organic Ancho Chile Powder, Organic Sunflower Oil


CO Honey & Cinnamon

Organic Yellow Popcorn, CO Organic Honey, Organic Raw Sugar, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Coconut Oil, Sea Salt


Wasabi, Nori, & Smoked Sea Salt

Organic Yellow Popcorn, Organic Wasabi, Nori, Organic Onion Powder, Organic Garlic Powder, Smoked Sea Salt, Organic Coconut Oil


White Cheddar & Nutmeg 

Organic Yellow Popcorn, Pasteurized Milk, Cheese Culture, Buttermilk Solids, Whey Protein Concentrate, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, Organic Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt, Organic Nutmeg


Lion's Mane Mushroom & Rosemary

Organic Yellow Popcorn, Lion's Mane Mushroom Powder, Organic Lemon Powder, Organic Rosemary, Sea Salt, Organic Onion Powder

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